About Us

Stratice Healthcare is a privately held company located in Indianapolis, Indiana that developed and deploys a proprietary electronic ordering platform connecting healthcare providers and their patients with durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers for purposes of fulfilling such patients’ DME needs (the eDME Platform).  The eDME Platform is integrated into healthcare providers’ electronic medical or health record systems (EMRs/EHRs) enabling the care providers to electronically transmit patients’ DME orders through the eDME Platform to a network of over 1,700 DME suppliers nationwide for fulfillment and medical insurance reimbursement.  Electronic DME orders transmitted through the Stratice eDME Platform are fulfilled by Stratice’s nationwide network of accredited, reliable DME suppliers regardless of DME product type, patients’ geographic locations, and healthcare insurer/payor relationships. 

Stratice’s eDME Platform replaces an inefficient paper-driven DME ordering process plaguing the healthcare system from many patient care, DME cost and fraudulent insurance billing perspectives. The otherwise existing manual DME ordering process requires cumbersome DME ordering paperwork and countless employee hours spent faxing and filing forms, answering non-medical questions and following up on patient DME procurement difficulties as well as problems related to private healthcare insurance, Medicare and Medicaid DME product reimbursement.