eDMEplus™ delivers electronic orders to HME/DME suppliers who join the eDMEplus™ nationwide fulfillment network at NO initial cost. No subscription fee or enrollment charge! Our supplier members join the eDMEplus™ network by providing a company profile, choosing geographic regions served by you along with the HME/DME products fulfilled and identifying the payer networks you participate. The rest is electronic! eDMEplus™ offers our supplier members the opportunity to “accept” or “reject” electronic HME/DME orders that come across our platform. Our HME/DME orders are routed to suppliers based upon a suppliers’ company profiles, HME/DME product provided, eligible payer networks and supplier rating. If a eDMEplus™ member accepts the electronic HME/DME order for fulfillment, the supplier member pays a fee for service for collecting and transmitting the order (and its supporting data and documentation). Our fee for service pricing is based upon the level of service offered! eDMEplus™ electronically collects and transmits varying amounts of data and supporting documentation necessary for a supplier member to fulfill and pursue payer reimbursement upon fulfillment. As a supplier – it’s your choice on whether you decide to Accept or Reject the electronic order! It’s that easy! Our collection and transmittal of patients’ HME/DME orders is HIPAA-compliant and guided by applicable third-party payer requirements, such as Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and commercial insurance carriers.