• Prescribing HME/DME and supplies? Done. Done. And Done.
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Get away from burdensome, time-consuming paperwork and follow-up calls. Get back to focusing on true patient care.

Healthcare providers nationwide spend more than 22 percent of their time on non-clinical paperwork and unreimbursed patient care. eDMEplus™ helps practices regain that lost productivity while taking the burden out of ordering medical equipment and supplies. eDMEplus™ offers an integrated technology with your EHR/EMR system that helps coordinate care for physicians, improves patient compliance with treatment plans, and reduces healthcare costs while saving valuable time for physicians to do more important things...like providing care.

HME/DME ordering simplified!

  • Saves time for providers and their staff
  • Electronic submission & tracking of orders
  • HIPAA & SAS70 Compliant
  • Helps reduce fraud and abuse concerns
  • Provides documentation for audit purposes
  • Improves order fulfillment rates and reduces patient order abandonment

Healthcare providers can electronically transmit patients’ HME/DME orders to a nationwide network of HME/DME suppliers.

Decreased administrative burden on physicians and clinicians enables delegation of order completion responsibilities to staff, with complete electronic oversight by clinicians, including electronic signature

eDMEplus™ integrates with your existing EHR, creating efficiencies with your current electronic workflow or office processes.

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