• If you want an easier way to fulfill HME/MDE, raise your hand. Assuming you have one free. eDMEplus is the EHR integrated e-prescribing platform connecting medical professionals with their suppliers
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Stratice’s web-based provider portal delivers complete, clean orders with supporting documentation, enabling efficient order fulfillment and claims adjudication for timely revenue recognition.

With complete, clean orders coming in, you can maintain focus where it counts -- on revenue-generating order fulfillment. Our network enables easy enrollment for access to fully-electronic order procurement. You will receive clinician-signed orders with supporting documentation, expediting order fulfillment, accelerating claims acceptance and speeding up cash flow, all while enhancing customer satisfaction and improving quality of patient care.

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Ready to fill. Ready to bill.

  • Less paper chasing with providers -- from chasing down required patient documentation and obtaining clinician signatures, to faxing, phone calls and follow ups on rejected claims
  • Provides a ready-to-bill order
  • Leads to more orders and higher order fill rates
  • Improves compliance with payer requirements
  • Streamlines workflow and improves efficiencies, while reducing duplicative data entry
  • Enhances provider and patient satisfaction by minimizing wait time
  • No start-up costs, software fees or enrollment fees. Pay only for the eDMEplus orders you fill.

Patent-Pending Technology.

Stratice Healthcare. The EHR integrated e-ordering platform connecting providers with a national open network of HME/DME suppliers.

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Becoming a participating supplier is fast, easy and free. Sign up by clicking here. There are no start-up costs and transaction fees are extremely low, ensuring a high return on your minimal investment of enrollment time.