• E-Prescribing changed the way medications are ordered. We've done the same for HME/DME. eDMEplus.
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It’s just like manually ordering HME/DME, minus the 15 phone calls, 10 faxes and 7 days of follow-up!

Stratice’s flagship application, eDMEplus™, is an interoperable solution for the electronic transmission of orders for HME/DME. Our first-to-market ordering platform enables our networked care providers to order and transmit orders directly to our national network of suppliers.

Stratice replaces the current inefficient paper form and fax driven process that typically requires 7-10 days for HME/DME orders fulfillment. It is estimated that this complex, burdensome HME/DME order fulfillment process often results in up to 50% of patients’ orders being unfulfilled, abandoned or unreimbursed despite existing insurance payer coverage.

Stratice solves these continuing healthcare problems and delivers new efficiencies for all key stakeholders in HME/DME patient care, product fulfillment and reimbursement arenas. Perhaps most importantly and similar to e-prescribing’s network of pharmacies, Stratice provides care providers and their patients with their choice of suppliers nationwide based upon patient location, specific product need and insurance payer coverage.

The Stratice network and eDMEplus:

  • Eliminates manual paperwork, faxes & repeated follow-up calls
  • Provides electronic access to nationwide open network of HME/DME suppliers
  • Reduces order data entry errors and frustrating claim denials
  • Improves quality and continuity of patient care
  • Streamlines workflow for providers and suppliers
  • Offers suppliers with required data & documentation for reimbursement
  • Enables reliable and faster claim reimbursement