Ken Majkowski - Chief Strategy Officer of Stratice Helthcare

Ken Majkowski

Chief Strategy Officer

Ken Majkowski Pharm.D, is the Chief Strategy Officer of Stratice Healthcare

Majkowski has over 40 years of healthcare experience. He has experience in E-Health, Managed Care, Transplant Services, Pharmacy Mail Services, Medical Devices and Drug Delivery Systems, Home Infusion Therapy and Hospital and Retail Pharmacy.

Prior to joining Stratice, Ken served as Director of Product Management and Director of Account Management and Vice President of Business Development and Vice President of Clinical Affairs and Product Strategy, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Vice President Business Management and Vice President of Product Support and Vice President of Partnership Development at Surescripts/RxHub.

Prior to joining RxHub, Ken was Director of Trade Relations and Director of Data Services for HealthNexis, the exchange funded by McKesson, Cardinal Health Systems, AmeriSourceBergen, and Fisher Scientific. Prior to HealthNexis, he was Vice President for Supplier Relations at Embion, an e-procurement service. Ken was also the Vice President for Medical Affairs at United Resource Networks, the Transplant Center of Excellence Division of United Health Group. He served as Director of Transplant Pharmacy Services at Chronimed, a nationwide specialty pharmacy and Director of Clinical Development at Pharmacia Deltec, a medical device company. Ken has 14 years of clinical pharmacy experience in retail, hospital and home care pharmacy. Ken received his Bachelors in Pharmacy from Purdue University and his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Minnesota.