Stratice Healthcare Announces Agreement with CMB Solutions

Stratice Expands National Network by Electronically Connecting HME/DME Providers and Physicians

CARMEL, Ind. – Stratice Healthcare, a leading healthcare IT company that provides electronic ordering technology solutions that connects providers of home and durable medical equipment and supplies (HME/DME) with medical offices and hospital systems, today announced an agreement with CMB Solutions – a national provider of patient support and contact services for the home medical equipment industry.

The collaboration leverages eDMEplus™, Stratice’s e-ordering application that is embedded within physicians’ existing electronic workflow. With this agreement, Stratice and CMB Solutions can now offer HME/DME providers enhanced connectivity to ensure HME/DME orders are more efficiently and reliably renewed that helps ensure patients continuity and quality of care. This electronic connectivity replaces an otherwise inefficient and largely paper-based ordering process that currently requires multiple phone calls, duplicative faxes and time-consuming data entry of paper-based orders.

“We continue to be impressed with the Stratice team and their business model of electronically connecting HME/DME providers with the medical community. CMB Solutions is more than pleased to integrate the eDMEplus application providing our national footprint of customers a more direct electronic connection to their referring physicians. Our collaboration is just the type of disruptive software service the industry is demanding to improve workflow, reduce overhead and operating costs, and improve physician access,” said Asif Kidwai, PhD, chief executive officer for CMB Solutions.

News of this latest collaboration follows on the heels of a string of recent successes for Stratice including the company’s national rollout of eDMEplus to a widespread base of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. The company’s embedded EHR application supports its rapidly growing national network of HME/DME providers who service the patients’ full spectrum of payer coverages including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial health plans.

“We are pleased to partner with CMB Solutions. Clearly, with the most recent round of Competitive Bid rate cuts, CMB customers are anxious to reduce unnecessary operating expense typically associated with chasing detailed written orders for patients. Now, with Stratice’s interface with CMB, an HME/DME provider will have an efficient and electronic connection to thousands of medical practices which will afford healthcare practitioners a more compliant, efficient and intuitive ordering process for patients’ medical equipment and supply needs,” stated John Brady, chief executive officer of Stratice Healthcare.

“CMB Solutions has a long-standing mission of providing patient-centric, industry-leading contact and support services which deliver better compliance, workflow efficiency and significant ROI for the HME/DME provider. Now, with Stratice’s electronic connectivity to physicians across the nation, CMB’s users can rely on complete and clean, electronically signed orders and CMNs meeting payer guidelines and providing even more timely and hassle-free replenishment delivery to their patients,” continued Kidwai.

CMB Solutions is expected to complete its integration of eDMEplus in late August.

“Stratice continues to build market momentum through its free network enrollment process and rapid on-boarding of local, regional and now national HME/DME providers. This expanding network of credential HME/DME providers provides physicians and their patients a reliable, broad fulfillment network regardless of patient location, specific HME/DME product need and particular payer coverage. With CMB Solutions’ expanding suite of patient contact and support services as an added service offering for Stratice’s network, our respective platforms will further advance electronic connectivity between care providers on a national scale and the opportunity for Stratice to expand its e-ordering solutions to address other critical, underserved areas of patient care,” remarked Jason Farmer, president of Stratice. “With such dramatic cuts in reimbursement rates within the HME/DME sector, the industry must quickly evolve to adopt more electronic means of driving operational efficiencies. Stratice’s electronic ordering and patient care solutions are clearly a market necessity and in high demand given multiple industry dynamics,” added Farmer.

About Stratice Healthcare
Stratice Healthcare is a health information technology company electronically connecting the medical community to a growing national network including medical equipment suppliers. Stratice’s software application, eDMEplus™, provides an efficient, intuitive and compliant electronic ordering solution that replaces an existing manual, paper-based process that is inefficient and without standards. Stratice’s approach to eHealth allows for interoperability and the coordination of patient care and improving outcomes, saving unnecessary healthcare expenditure and eliminating unreimbursed care provider time. For more information about Stratice, visit

About CMB Solutions Inc.
CMB Solutions’ contact services provide automated integrations with its cloud‐based system that allow providers an efficient platform with real‐time proven compliance even for same‐day order processing due to seamless interoperability with manufacturers, multiple billing software, and fulfillment services. This means a huge savings for the HME who will no longer have to toggle between billing system, compliance system, patient contact system and fulfillment system to process orders. With client branded compliance, quality assurance, upselling, and replenishment surveys for all product lines, the ROI is significant for the HME. Surveys are done via a domestic call center, email, truly interactive voice-response system, texting, and a single-sign on patient portal. To learn more on CMB Solutions, visit



Stratice Healthcare Expands Executive Management Team With Health IT Industry Veterans

Ken Majkowski and Jeff Benning Join Stratice Healthcare as Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Financial Officer

CARMEL, Ind. – Stratice Healthcare, a leading healthcare IT company and developer of eDMEplus™, a two-sided software application that connects healthcare providers to national network of home and durable medical equipment (HME/DME) suppliers, today announced two key appointments to its executive management team. Ken Majkowski, Pharm.D., has joined as Chief Strategy Officer and Jeff Benning as Chief Financial Officer. Both bring deep expertise and business acumen in health information technologies and electronic prescribing.

With more than 40 years of healthcare experience, Majkowski has served in various leadership roles at HealthNexis, (a health exchange funded by McKesson, Cardinal Health Systems, AmeriSourceBergen and Fisher Scientific), Embion, an e-procurement service provider, United Resource Networks, the Transplant Center of Excellence Division of United Health Group and Chronimed, a nationwide specialty pharmacy provider. Most recently, Majkowski spent nearly 13 years in numerous leadership capacities at Surescripts, the market leader for e-prescribing medications. Ken received his Bachelors in Pharmacy from Purdue University and his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Minnesota.

Jeff Benning is a recognized expert in health information technology (HIT) and electronic healthcare transaction platforms and services. He has over 25 years of experience leading early-stage and high-growth companies, and was instrumental in the development and execution of the original business plans for RxHub starting in 2001 as Chief Financial Officer. He coordinated the acquisition of Surescripts in 2008, and facilitated the integration of business functions subsequent to the merger. As SVP of Strategic Initiatives, he explored new clinical transaction opportunities and business models for the company. Jeff earned his MBA from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, his BA degree in accounting from St John’s University, Collegeville, MN and is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive).

“We are thrilled to welcome Ken and Jeff to the Stratice Healthcare team,” said John Brady, CEO, Stratice Healthcare. “Having navigated e-prescribing for the pharmacy sector from its inception to six billion transactions each year, both Ken and Jeff possess the industry expertise along with the respect of their peers. Clearly their experience building an electronic prescribing network will help us deliver an ideal mix of operational best practices, market innovation and financial discipline for the electronic ordering of additional post-acute care verticals.”

This news follows on the heels of a string of recent successes for Stratice including the company’s national rollout of eDMEplus to a base of 180 Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. The company’s application is supported with a national network of HME/DME suppliers who service patients for applicable home and medical equipment and includes all payer programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payer health plans.

“With the introduction of eDMEplus to the healthcare marketplace, we have delivered a comprehensive and EHR-integrated solution that provides physicians an efficient and compliant ordering platform for patient’s medical equipment and supplies,” added Jason Farmer, president of Stratice Healthcare. “Stratice now has the opportunity to aggressively grow our business to meet a wider continuum of patient healthcare needs.” With the additions of Ken and Jeff to our executive team, Stratice is taking a significant step forward in positioning eDMEplus as an industry-wide asset.”

The company’s cloud-based software, eDMEplus, fills a current void in the healthcare industry with an EHR-integrated application that facilitates the electronic ordering of HME/DME medical equipment. By embedding the application within a physician’s natural workflow, the intuitive software replaces an otherwise inefficient, time-consuming and unreliable process that today predominately relies on convoluted paper trails, phone calls and facsimile messages in order to fill a physician’s order.

“We are delighted to join such a vibrant and forward thinking organization. By embracing eHealth, Stratice Healthcare provides a more cost-effective care model that ultimately leads to improved patient outcomes. Jeff and I can attest to a first-hand account of the e-prescribing evolution to its current state within the pharmacy sector, and we are excited to mature eDMEplus and e-ordering within the home and durable medical equipment marketplace,” concluded Majkowski.

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About Stratice Healthcare
Stratice Healthcare is a privately held health information technology company with a proprietary software and supplier network called eDMEplusTM. By integrating its two-sided application within a medical providers Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, the company is able to intuitively and electronically connect physicians, payers, patients with home and durable medical equipment (HME/DME) suppliers. The Company’s patent-pending software promotes interoperability and the coordination of patient care with an intuitive and compliant electronic ordering solution that eliminates the costly paper, fax and time consuming phone calls that burden healthcare providers throughout the healthcare continuum. For more information about Stratice Healthcare, visit



Stratice Healthcare Welcomes Carmen Davies as Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

CARMEL, Ind. – Stratice Healthcare, a leading healthcare IT company and developer of eDMEplus, today announced the appointment of Carmen Davies as Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer.

Davies Carmen_ppIn this role, Carmen will lead all aspects of the electronic order generation from the EHR/physician including: order criteria questions, applicable HCPCS codes, HME/DME product categories, training and implementation, as well as other compliance measures such as e-signature and Meaningful Use measures. Carmen will also work with a number of industry influencers towards order standardization measures for CMS and other payers, in addition to interoperability measures as directed by The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

“Carmen is a great addition to our expanding executive team,” said John Brady, CEO, Stratice Healthcare. “Her extensive experience within the HME/DME marketplace, depth of experience working with regulatory agencies, leadership acumen, and track record of success aligns perfectly with our corporate commitment to simplify the delivery of healthcare.”

Amassing over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Carmen most recently served as Regional Vice President of Respiratory Operations at Walgreens Infusion and Respiratory Services. Carmen’s prior executive roles include Director of Reimbursement/Operations with Walgreens and District Manager Operations and Corporate Director of Reimbursement with Air Products Healthcare.

“I am thrilled to be part of the growing team at Stratice Healthcare, as my entire career has been dedicated to helping advance healthcare reimbursement and operational initiatives, especially as it relates to the HME/DME industry,” said Davies. “I look forward to continuing that tradition as I begin a new chapter at Stratice.”

In addition to Carmen’s extensive, accomplished career, she has also served as a board member for numerous local and state healthcare related organizations, as well as a council member for a regional Medicare organization.

About Stratice Healthcare
Stratice Healthcare is a privately held health information technology company with a software service that provides e-prescribing capabilities between medical providers, payers, patients and home and durable medical equipment (HME/DME) suppliers. Through its proprietary, patent-pending software, eDMEplus, the company promotes interoperability and the coordination of patient care with an intuitive and compliant electronic e-prescribing solution eliminating the costly paper, fax and time consuming phone calls that burden healthcare providers, HME/DME suppliers and payers. For more information about Stratice Healthcare, visit