Stratice Healthcare begins work on disruptive software solution for healthcare market

Software service will greatly enhance existing inefficient, paper-driven delivery model – saving precious time for medical community and money for payers while improving patient care and outcomes

Carmel, IN, September 1, 2010/Stratice Healthcare/- Stratice Healthcare enters the health IT market commencing development work for an electronic ordering solution connecting  the healthcare providers to suppliers of home and durable medical equipment (HME /DME) plus supplies.  This first-to-market electronic platform will serve the nearly $50B annual HME/DME industry which is desperately seeking operating savings through leveraging health information technology.

“The paper intensive HME/DME ordering process is not only extremely time consuming and costly for both the medical community and HME/DME suppliers, but the inherent inefficiencies compromise patient care while giving rise to fraudulent and abusive billing practices among unscrupulous suppliers,” said Stratice Healthcare founder John Brady.

Brady continued “Stratice Healthcare’s mission is simple —  simplify the delivery of healthcare by providing intuitive access to health information.”

About Stratice Healthcare
Founded in 2010, Stratice Healthcare is a privately held health information technology company based in Carmel, IN that is developing a proprietary electronic ordering solution connecting healthcare providers, payers, patients, and home and durable medical equipment (HME/DME) suppliers.

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John Brady, Co-Founder and CEO
Stratice Healthcare
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