Stratice Healthcare’s eDMEplus Platform Gains Momentum within HME/DME Industry with the Onset of Stage 2 Competitive Bidding

With the onset of Competitive Bidding Round 2, Stratice Healthcare’s electronic ordering platform for Home and Durable Medical Equipment (HME/DME) plus supplies, eDMEplus™, is gaining momentum in the HME/DME industry, as payer reimbursement rates may be cut by as much as 72% in certain product categories driving suppliers to search for new operational, cost-saving efficiencies.

John Brady, CEO and co-Founder of Stratice, stated, “With the rigor associated with audits, competitive bidding regulations, and reimbursement cuts up to 72% for some products, it is imperative for the HME/DME industry to adopt an electronic ordering platform to receive care providers’ HME/DME orders and supporting documentation more efficiently to remain competitive.  With eDMEplus, our platform’s EHR integrations provide HME/DME suppliers a game-changing solution that helps address the dramatic margin impacts associated with competitive bidding while also improving physician and patient health care experience.”

eDMEplus is the EHR-integrated e-Ordering platform connecting medical professionals and their patients with a nationwide open network of suppliers.  This intuitive electronic ordering platform and its first-to-market eDMEplus ordering application are seamlessly integrated into healthcare providers’ existing electronic workflows within their EHRs, enabling the transmission of HME/DME orders to a nationwide network of accredited suppliers – thereby saving precious time, ensuring efficient fulfillment, and better continuity of patient care.