ePrescribing & eReferral Solutions Transforming the Delivery of Patient Care


Accelerating Continuity of Care from Initial Provider Referrals to Complete Medical Orders (Prescriptions) Required for Follow-on Care

Driving Direct Care Connectivity via Open Multi-sided Network of Clinicians/Physicians and Providers of Post-Acute Care

Delivering Faster, More Reliable and Effective Care Across Throughout the Patient Care Journey

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Why eOrdersPlus™

Patients, clinicians/physicians, and providers of post-acute care trust eOrdersPlus™ as the pioneer of ePrescribing solutions replacing inefficient, incomplete care “referrals” with bi-directional ePrescribing of complete medical orders (prescriptions) for a broader spectrum of care.

Based on patient location, type of care needed, and insurer/payer source, eOrdersPlus™ connects clinicians/physicians and their patients with providers of additional post-acute care needs beyond medications — all accompanied by freedom of provider selection, complete order transparency, and real-time care delivery updates.

Replacing fax/phone-based care referrals with bi-directional ePrescribing for faster medical order transmission and transparent management, eOrdersPlus™ drives improved care continuity, better health outcomes, and increased patient/clinician satisfaction throughout the journey of care.

After pioneering ePrescribing of patients’ home medical equipment and supplies, our latest platform expansions support transmission of medical orders, plans of care, and clinical documentation required by providers of home health services; physical/occupational/speech therapies; and home infusion therapies.

eOrdersPlus™ Can Help:

  • Eliminate manual paperwork, non-stop faxes and follow-up calls required for care referrals
  • Access our national, open network of providers for more rapid, reliable care fulfillment
  • Reduce order data entry errors, fulfillment delays, frustrating claim denials & unreimbursed care
  • Improve the quality and continuity of patient care, and reduce unnecessary hospital (re)admissions
  • Enhance clinician-provider connectivity, reduce care management time, increase patient care time
  • Ensure care referrals contain all required medical order data & documentation for faster fulfillment
  • Drive improved transitions of patient care, and facilitate more reliable patient care at home