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Eliminating Inefficient Care Referrals via ePrescribing a Broad Spectrum of Patient Care Needs

Driving Improved Continuity of Care via Direct Connectivity between Clinicians, Care Providers & Patients

Delivering Critical Time Savings via ePrescribing of Patient Care Needs to Providers

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Why eOrdersPlus™

Patients, healthcare clinicians, and providers of non-acute medical needs trust eOrdersPlus as the pioneer of e-prescribing of patient care “referrals” via complete, electronic medical orders (prescriptions) covering a wide array of patient care needs beyond medication.

Based on patient location, specific medical care need, and insurance/payer source, eOrdersPlus™ connects clinicians and patients with their choice of accredited care providers — providing complete transparency both in provider selection and ongoing medical order fulfillment status.

By replacing fax/phone-based patient care referrals with two-way, ePrescribing and eOrdering transmission and order management dashboards, eOrdersPlus™ drives improved continuity of care, health outcomes, and patient/clinician satisfaction with the care referral process.

Our most recent eOrdersPlus™ expansion enables transmission of medical orders, care plans and supporting clinical documentation necessary for more rapid, reliable delivery of home health and care services; physical/occupational/speech therapies; and home infusion therapies.

eOrdersPlus™ Can Help:

  • Eliminate manual paperwork, non-stop faxes and follow-up calls required for care referrals
  • Access our national, open network of providers for more rapid, reliable care fulfillment
  • Reduce order data entry errors, fulfillment delays, frustrating claim denials & unreimbursed care
  • Improve the quality and continuity of patient care, and reduce unnecessary hospital (re)admissions
  • Enhance clinician-provider connectivity, reduce care management time, increase patient care time
  • Ensure care referrals contain all required medical order data & documentation for faster fulfillment
  • Drive improved transitions of patient care, and facilitate more reliable patient care at home