Enhance your EHR system or Care Coordination Platform.

Drive improved continuity & quality of care.  

Deliver clinician and provider workflow efficiencies & time savings.  

Reduce unnecessary hospital (re)admissions.

EHRs’ adoption of eOrdersPlus™ digitally connects healthcare clinicians with an open national network of 10,000 plus accredited providers of patients’ non-acute medical are needs for fast, reliable medical order fulfillment — both from the point of care facility discharge to the home.  Replacing the unreliable fax, paper and phone-driven ordering and fulfillment processes currently burdening the entire healthcare continuum, eOrdersPlus™ delivers a highly intuitive and efficient ePrescribing experience collecting all necessary data and supporting documentation enabling fast, reliable and confirmed fulfillment of patients’ medical orders.

Our flexible HIPAA compliant ePrescribing solutions are built to ensure minimal integration time and development cost for EHRs and Care Coordination Platforms — delivering an industry-endorsed multi-sided ePrescribing platform eliminating burdensome, incomplete patient care referrals.  Adopting eOrdersPlus™ enhances and improves both referring clinicians’ and post-acute care providers’ existing workflows while increasing patient care satisfaction and improving health outcomes.