Tired of care “referrals” requiring non-stop faxing and phone calls to collect compliant medical orders for more timely delivery of patient care and claim filing?

Now receive and/or initiate ePrescribed complete medical orders for home medical equipment and supplies (HME/DME), PT/OT/ST therapies, home infusion therapies, and home health plans of care.

Imagine receiving a patient care referral from a healthcare clinician in the form of a complete, compliant medical order (prescription) ready to fill and bill.  All info, supporting clinical documentation, prescribing clinician e-signatures, and patient consents required for immediate patient outreach, order fulfillment and reimbursement claim filing are included.

No follow-up calls or faxes.  No “assembling” of patient care info and documentation via a myriad of error-prone, time-consuming proprietary forms.  No chasing information, documentation or clinician signatures from other busy individuals.  JUST FILL AND BILL!

eOrdersPlus™ replaces patient care “referrals” by enabling 2-way ePrescribing of complete, compliant medical orders enabling immediate delivery and billing of patient care.  Finally, it’s all electronic!

eOrdersPlus™ now brings all the benefits of ePrescribing applied to a broader spectrum of patient’s non-acute care.  And the best part…  you only pay when you accept an ePrescribed medical order for fulfillment!

Ready to Fill.  Ready to Bill.

  • Less paper chasing
  • Less physician office or other care facility follow-up
  • Provides a ready-to-bill medical order that leads to faster fulfillment & reimbursements
  • Leads to more orders and higher order fill rates
  • Improves audit/compliance results
  • Provides data to help document patient outcomes
  • Streamlines workflow and lower overhead costs
  • Enhances provider and patient satisfaction by minimizing wait time
  • No start-up costs, software fees or enrollment fees
  • Pay only for the ePrescribed orders you accept for fulfillment